Australian Positive Schools 2016 Conference. Building Positive Relationships with Cohesion, Communication, Community. Save the Dates!

Positive Schools 2016 – mental health and wellbeing conferences. When we asked Australian staff and students what makes education positive and engaging, they told us confidently and clearly, that the answer is ‘relationships’. Relationships between staff and students, between students, between staff and parents and between staff.  Positive relationships are at the core of effective academic, social and emotional learning in school and beyond.

Positive relationships are built within an inclusive and cohesive community, one that is based on good communication and authentic interactions. Come along to Positive Schools 2016 to learn how you can build a cohesive learning environment in your school, in your staff room and in your classroom.  Find out how to engage kids who are lonely or disruptive.  Find out how to engage kids from diverse cultures and backgrounds, exceptional kids and ordinary kids.  Make education a truly positive experience built on truly positive and effective foundations.

Among our 2016 team, we are excited to welcome advocate for effective indigenous education, Dr Chris Sarra; youth mental health and technology expert, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and one of our favourite teachers, Maggie Dent. In addition we will have a live video link-up from the US with renowned educational activist Alfie Kohn. We will be hearing from the Geelong Grammar team about their positive approach to communication and presenting a variety of in-depth workshops from mindfulness to gratitude. And if this wasn’t enough, we will also be including our very own ‘what works’ expo.

Positive relationships and effective communication are fundamental, vital and central to all effective teaching and learning, at all levels of education. Positive Schools 2016 is a conference that is not to be missed.

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