Positive Schools Singapore International Positive Education Conference November 2015

ThPos Time Singe first ever International Singaporean conference is being held at The United World College of South East Asia on 6th and 7th November 2015.  Please visit the website for all presenter, location and timetable details, and to register.

Among our thirteen internationally acclaimed speakers, we are excited to let you know that we will be welcoming the following experts:


From Melbourne – best selling author and clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller unlocks the genius in every child

From Greece – award winning poet Luka Lesson helps young people to find a creative voice

From England and Perth -with an extensive background in social Psychology and Positive Schools chair Dr Helen Street nurtures engagement and motivation in a creative classroom

From Singapore – positive educator and academic Dr Lim Lai Cheng explores the double helix of success

From Sydney – resiliency expert and author Professor Toni Noble builds resiliency

From London – educational psychologist and relationships expert Professor Sue Roffey supports a cohesive classroom

From Sydney – entrepreneur and educator Jason Clarke takes education out of the box with an inspirational address


The Positive Schools conferences are the largest and most successful positive education, professional development events for teachers in the southern hemisphere. We have a mission to better inform schools and colleges about grounded ideas and strategies to nurture a love of learning and wellbeing in children and teens.


Over 2500 teachers attended our 2015 events in Australia and have been proud to launch many inspiring presenters, school based programs (grounded in research) and in-school developments in school based wellbeing and positive education.


Our events have helped educators to turn their focus from solving problems to finding solutions, enabled them to better prevent and address mental health issues in schools, build more cohesive and safer school and classroom communities and engage students in a love of life long learning.

Positive Schools Singapore is supported by The United World College of South East Asia, The University of Western Australia, IPEN (International Positive Education Network), Geelong Grammar School, Knox Grammar School, beyondblue Australian national mental health initiative, Google for Education and the Australian government programs for school wellbeing: MindMatters and KidsMatter among others.

Visit our website positiveschools.asia for all conference information, online registration and a black and white copy of the brochure for easy printing.

We look forward to welcoming you to this vital and important educational event.

The Team!!!

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