Voices for Living

The Voices for Living project involves the production of a series of short films and photo montages showcasing school and community views about positive education and the experience of ‘going to school’. Check out this must-see inspirational video contribution from Ferny State High School! Click HERE.

The Voices for Living project has been developed to respond to the need to give Australian students, staff and community members a voice in the growing worldwide conversation about Positive Education and school based wellbeing.

The project has been developed to give Positive Times readers, Positive Schools conference delegates and the wider education community an opportunity to better understand the views of Australian students, staff and community members.

The project also offers participating schools the opportunity to find out more about the views and opinions of their own students and staff.  As such, this project provides a significant learning opportunity and could be included in any social studies class or general class setting.


Students, school staff and other community members are invited to present a combination of photo and brief video answers to a series of set questions about their thoughts on positive education and their school experience.  For example, we ask students : What is the most important thing you learn at school? What makes a class fun to be in?  And, What is the most important thing teachers need to learn about kids?


Selected responses will then be organized into short two to three minute films for presentation at the Positive Schools conferences and on both The Positive Schools and Positive Times websites.  We will also collect ongoing responses for an extended project and future Positive Schools events, articles and social media releases. Responses will also be analyzed anonymously for a review paper concerning the project.


All participating schools will be provided with access to both the final presentations and any review of the data that has been published.


Voices for Living is supported by members of the National Australian Positive Schools Initiative, including Positive Schools partners Geelong Grammar School Institute of Positive Education. The project is being led by Dr Helen Street, Positive Schools conference chair, and Fenny Muliadi, provisional psychologist, Doctor of Clinical Neuropsychology candidate and Positive Schools administrator.


Please visit the Positive Schools website www.positiveschools.com.au  and click on the ‘Voices for Living’ tab to download a participation kit today

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