Happiness and Building Positive Relationships. By Tim Sharp (Dr Happy)

Happiness and Building Positive Relationships
At The Happiness Institute we believe very strongly that happiness is something
you “CHOOSE” (see the CHOOSE philosophy handout in the Free Resources
section of our website) where “choose” is both a philosophy of self-responsibility
and an acronym for the six key strategies we coach.
Within this acronym, the second “O” stands for “Others”, or all the relationships in
our lives, and there’s absolutely no doubt that happy people have both more
and better quality relationships.
Further, we also believe that good quality, positive relationships are based on
“SUPPORT” which once again, is a belief and an acronym or model because
each of the letters in “SUPPORT” stands for key relationship concepts. These are:
S = Strengths (look for them in others)
U = Unconditional Positive Regard
P = Purpose (what is the purpose of this particular relationship?)
P = Praise and Positivity (give it as much as possible)
O = Open Communication
R = Respect
T = Trust
At The Happiness Institute we’ve helped thousands of people use and apply this
“SUPPORT” model in numerous and varied situations including personal and
intimate relationships (such as those between husbands and wives, boyfriends
and girlfriends) as well as in the workplace, especially with groups of employees
in which collaboration and team-work is vital.
There’s no doubt this model works but like anything, you need to make it work by
practicing the component parts and by tailoring it to suit you individual

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