The Positive Times Principles

The Positive Times Principles


Aims and Ideals


The Positive Times is a free online resource for all educators and others involved in promoting wellbeing and positive education in schools and colleges.


The Positive Times has the following aims and ideals that all users will need to abide by



  1. The promotion of positive education, wellbeing and social and emotional learning in schools and colleges*


  1. The dissemination of ideas, strategies and solutions to the promotion of wellbeing, positive education and social and emotional learning in schools and colleges


  1. The dissemination of news and information about relevant events, research and other activities that support points one and two above.


  1. The building of relationships between educators and associated individuals and organizations in view of points one and two


  1. The dissemination of  articles in support of the aims listed in points one and two above


  1. The presentation of information that focuses clearly on establishing effective change in terms of the points one and two above


  1. Although we at The Positive Times acknowledge the value of increasing general awareness about the problems facing mental health in youth and in education, this site is to retain a focus on the promotion of positive solutions to these issues rather than a commentary on the issues per se.  As such, it is not in the interests of the site to publish material that does not meet the aims of points one and two.


  1. All articles must be clearly references as the product of empirical research or as the opinions of the author.  In the interests of ensuring that we offer grounded views, strategies and ideas, we believe that is it vital that the origin of all information is clearly stated.



List of terms used


Positive Education – The incorporation of social and emotional competencies into academic learning. Increasing a focus on creativity, motivation, a love of learning and engagement in learning as educational priorities.  Aiming to increase support and opportunity for flourishing in schools.

Wellbeing – healthy social and emotional health translated into the expression of healthy social and individual behaviour. Note, although the primary focus of wellbeing is on the expression of positive behaviour, wellbeing also includes the ability to deal well with set backs and adversity and as such includes resiliency and healthy expressions of negative feelings.


Social and Emotional Competency – Includes self awareness, social awareness, the ability to act with social and emotional responsibility and the expression of wellbeing (as defined above).






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